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We would like to thank all customers who took their time to write. Please review our products, we really appreciate it.

Reviews submitted via email. Real customers, real comments. Some have been edited slightly, but most are posted just the way we have received them. Sure, we get negative comments occasionally and you will see those posted as well.

Dear Calvert USA,
I recently purchased and installed a model 6439 stairway and wanted to provide some feedback to you. The stairway is elegant and easy to use. I replaced a folding wooden ladder applied in a 10'7" location. The wooden ladder was only designed for 10'3" just like yours, so it had broken years ago and the customer had been using it in an unsafe condition. Part of the installation process was to build a 4.5" high platform for the ladder to come to rest on. The ease of telescoping versus unfolding is exactly what I was personally looking for. ............ I am delighted with the price and quality of your product, and have already had at least two other conversations about replacing stairways in similar applications as a result of this initial installation.
Many thanks,

Tuck B. , Fairhope, AL, purchased steel telescopic stairs 6439-11

Dear Calvert USA,

Very nice! Your product is beautiful, installed easily and works perfectly!!! A pure pleasure! Have a great week!

Francois H., St. Lambert, Quebec, purchased steel telescopic stairs # 6139-10

Pleasantly surprised.

Gentlemen, I purchased your 6227 and was pleasantly surprised at the high quality and excellent packing job. You have solved my small opening issues perfectly..

.John Seattle, WA

Quality stairs.


After helping a friend install builder grade attic stairs I installed this telescoping model in my house and love it. So does my wife. The installation was easy and they are a quality product. You get what you pay for.

Tom K, Dowell, MD

Steel telescoping stairs


If you are considering a set of attic stairs and are shopping for them at the "box" stores- DON'T!! You owe it to your home to check out all of what Calvert USA has to offer. Their quality is second to none, installation instructions are clear and precise, shipping was fast and on time. This was one of the nicest improvements I have made to the interior of my home in the last 22 years.

Penns, West Mifflin PA.

Designed very well...


I purchased these stairs (model 6543) on Tuesday evening and they were delivered to my door by Thursday morning. All parts were included. The instructions seemed incomplete (e.g., not a lot of assembly diagrams to reassure you as you go through the process of raising an approx 150+ lb door/stair system 8'above your head); however, the technical staff answered the phone within two rings and had answers to address my concerns. The instructions recommended using 3 persons to help with installation. What it doesn't mention is that one of the three will be in the attic securing the stairs to the rough opening (and doesn't get to leave until the job is done). So make sure you have everything with you--including a magnetic probe in case you drop a nut (as I did) between the stair housing and the rough opening. To be kind to my family--my wife and two teenage daughters were the folks “not” in the attic--I rented a drywall panel lifter to raise the stair assembly. The "ground crew" tell me that this made the difference between success and "emergency room"; especially when you have to reposition the stair assembly in the opening (or fish out a wayward nut from the rough opening gap). All told, it took me (and the crew)—mainly me--about a day and a half to 1) expand by meager attic hatch to meet the Calvert Stair specs, 2) rent and assemble the panel lifter, 3) and raise and secure the stairs. My only challenge—beyond the framing work—was finding the right bolts for the stairs. Calvert included 6+” 10mm x 1.5 mm bolts with the stairs. This, I found, was too long to use in the stairs assembly since the closed stair assembly only allowed no more than 3” of clearance to mount thread to bolts into their holes (without opening he stair door on the ground) prior to assembly. I found that for the 6” rough opening height recommended by Calvert, 10 mm 1.5 x 50 mm bolts did the trick. My family is impressed by the stairs and with my ability to install them without sending anyone to the hospital.

Fred, Upper Marlboro, MD

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