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We would like to thank all customers who took their time to write. Please review our products, we really appreciate it.

Reviews submitted via email. Real customers, real comments. Some have been edited slightly, but most are posted just the way we have received them. Sure, we get negative comments occasionally and you will see those posted as well.

Dear Calvert USA,

Just a belated note that the ladder was easy to install, looks good, and works really well. We will not need another one b/c the other loft will be open with a railing, but if we need a different kind of ladder (it is too early for us to decide how we want to access the space) we will contact you.

M. C. Jones, Musca, CO , Purchased vertical opening access stairs 7043-10

Vertical Stairs.

They are easy to use. They pull down and push back up with ease. We had someone install them for us so I can't include installation in my review.

Reston, Va

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